Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taryna's belated bday celebration

Audrey planned a belated birthday celebration for Taryna on the 18th whereas her actual birthday was on the 16th. However, the guys couldnt make it, so ended up just the 3 of us. It was like those days where we hang out together when Audrey was back from melbourne ;) Just the 3 of us, talking about life, updating each other with stuff and definitely gossiping! ♥

We had dinner at Sushi Zanmai, pyramid. I tagged along with Audrey whereas we met up with Taryna there as she went there by herself after she finished work at 6pm.

Some of the pictures below were taken using Audrey's camera.

i like this pic although it seems to be a lil bit blur ;D

taryna, hope you enjoyed yrself that night ;)

6 years of friendship and still counting . . . .

konon nya, camera shy ;p

o.0 salmon babeh!

More pictures of food will be uploaded in fb later on

as usual, camwhoring session is a must ;0

the baskin robbins ice cream cakeee *yum yum*

birthday girl with her 1st ice cream cake

her cutting cake looks damn yeng

since we cant cut the cake, we decided to just use the spoon to scoop the ice cream and eat it!

and the last picture before we left pyramid ♥

Thanks for everything Audrey! Btw do have fun in Rome and take care! :D Let me know when you're back!

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