Sunday, November 01, 2009

When the princess turns 19

Back from AAR! It was a blast! I was there with my siblings and some friends. Sadly, couldnt meet up with the others =(( Gonna blog about this when im free.

NOTE: im one busy lady. Please dont tell me you dont know! Heeee

First up, Carmen's 19th birthday dinner!

On Saturday which was on the 24th October, we went to Summer BBQ Steamboat for an early birthday celebration for Carmen Kong. I was late that night because i arrived back in subang at 6.30pm. Got back home and washed up and picked jenny up. Reached there around 8.20pm.

only the tom yam soup was niceee

the seafood plate 1

the seafood plate 2. got fishballssssss xD

lala(s) were the wastage for the day

i was smacking playing with this half boiled egg xD
btw, jenny has a video on me playing the egg

the BBQ fried chicken. Yuen's fried chicken is much nicer btw!

we enjoy eating,

looking at pictures taken,

taking candid pictures of people,

and lastly, camwhoring ;p

with jenny kumaaaa

i was testing my camera on him but since this pic was nice so i posted it out.
say hellooo to mr.simon

ice -cream for dessert

how can we forget about group picture? The decent group picture was blurrrrr T_____T

The birthday girl and jenny left earlier. So i followed the others to somewhere near OneU for yam cha session. Honestly, I still think Yuen Steamboat is nicer than this place. Not much variety of food available here. RM23 is not worth it for eating here. I would rather eat at Yuen :D *Carmen, this is just my opinion. Wasnt complaining okay :)*

I dont shisha full stop

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you...


~Mun Mun~ said... worries..I nvr tried decided to try it..XD
Thanks for coming again!! ♥

Victoria said...

ahah! alright alright no worries as well (: you're welcome girl. hope you enjoyed yrself that night! xoxo