Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fluxed 1st Anniversary

I dont think that i'm able to blog about everything that happen in 2009 by 2009. So much to blog and tomorrow will be the last day for 2009 already. How how how? @.@

Anyways here is the post about the Fluxed 1ST Anniversary Bash & Grand Launching of Pro Tuners. Apparently, I was supposed to that event with my sis and big brother. However last minute, big bro couldnt make it =( So ended up only me and my sis although each of us has 4 free invites. lol. Wasted! But it was alright cause i managed to have bonding session with the sister. Awwwww!

Guess, it's time for the pictures!

camwhored before entering MOS

We went to MOS entrance to get our free tickets, went in MOS for a lil while, met some friends and off we went to Kim Gary for late dinner. After dinner, we went back to MOS. We both were damn lifeless that night :/

free distribution of Fluxed magazine that night

the crowd was massive until we cant even manage to get our lucky draw gifts
dont want to mention about it anymore @.@

There were some performance that night but i dint snap pictures as i was pretty lazy! Hehe. After done with the performance, they re-open the dance floor. woot

happily dancing on the dance floor!

that night was our bonding session!

thanks shaun for the tequila shots! ;)

sis and her friend who has a small boy look!
so cuteee

shaun, sean and yours truly

neon lee with sis

adrian leong!

she was happy because I asked her to be the driver ;)

Good night!

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