Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I know i complain alot

What a busy day i have. So busy until cant go watch zombieland screening with friends :/ I wanted to watch that movie so badly and also to meet up with my friends. Haiz. Sometimes I really wonder why am i so busy. Like seriously =(

*Honestly, I shall just stop complaining and blog about something*

Okay enough with complaining. Just a short update.

Last last week thursday which was on the 26.11.09, i went out with a friend of mine to OneU after my class. Got back home after my discussion then waited for him to pick me up. Thanks for the ride and sorry for making you stucked in the jam :/

had our teatime and it was my first time being there! i damn noob wey

his's ms coco

my drink that day ; princess of ireland or either iceland -.- cant remember.

spaghetti something something.

mushroom and cheese omelette if im not wrong

chocolateeeeeee! yum yum!
dont you all just love chocolate?

my ex metropolitan college mate ; joeleejunli
omg joe, you look like yr brother!

We managed to catch a movie at 6.30pm. We watched :

Although i dislike rain but the movie was better than the movie titled "Ninja"

Joined him and his friends at ac for dinner before got back home.
Btw sorry wei joe, i know i complaint alot that day! lol

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