Tuesday, December 15, 2009

My new hobby

I'll be at home doing nothing so here i am to blog. Btw, has anyone tried playing batting? Although it seems to be a boring sport where you just need to hit the balls but somehow i enjoy playing it. It is something different compared to badminton and futsal athough they are almost the same where you need to kick the ball or hit the shuttlecocks. So according to my title of today post, batting is my new hobby. Yays! Anyone wanna go batting with me? ;) Come come!

On the 23.11.09 was the day i went batting with the siblings at OneUtama batting cage located at upper roof. It was empty that day, maybe is cause 23th was a monday.

the small and empty batting cage

sis was the 1st to go since she seemed to look like the "eldest" among us

and he was the last one ;p

dont mess with me! i can be violent at times

omg, my legs look extremely small here @.@

our 1276492810105134 pictures together

happily + silently waiting for his turn

awww you missed the ball!

what else can i do instead of waiting silently?
camwhore is definitely the best thing to do

although i can be violent at times but this girl here is ALWAYS violent! tsk tsk

*ouch ouch*

such a flasher poser

jumping with joys after batting

thanks for the great day, dearest siblings! <3

Next up will be a post on a friend's bday celebration! Till then!

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