Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The random planned BBQ party

December is here. Christmas is coming up soon. New year is coming up after christmas. Omg! Time really flies so fast! I'm getting older soon =(

Anyways remember this post where i made a promise to blog about the BBQ? I NEVER like breaking promises so here it is :

Just look through the pictures and think what happen that night alright! Use yr imagination cause i dont have much time to blog as I need to prepare for tomorrow presentation. Presentation is a no no for me! :( So wish me luck people.

the stuff for bbq


the bbq-ing chickens

the people that night who made this random bbq party

the cheapest vodka ever that smelled like ice cream soda. p/s i dont drink cheap vodka xD

gurdeep is from India and she loves lemon lol

karnen who always enjoy teasing me =(

brian who never take decent picture

dayang, the host

honestly, denise doesnt love hong kong

my so-called-daughter, pek mun

thanks to five that we're able to eat the fully cooked chickens

they are the twisties and lemon eaters!

hui mei! and you're always welcome! haha

told you that he just cant take a decent picture @.@

with gurdeep :)

ice cream time! and thats how we ate the ice cream

brian, sharing is caring okay!

at first they're damn loving.. wait till you see later on! lol

the plants! i think brian was the one who snapped this

brian was posing with the guitar hero

hui mei only wants to layan me! sorry five!

seeee! now they're like fighting like a cat and dog!

actually they were "fighting" for the marker pen @.@

say helloooo to five. yea his name is F.I.V.E

dayang was teaching them how to play guitar hero

she is the "bf's" staff! muahahaha

*omg, im losing to brian* - karnen's thinking

bet dayang trashed brian! woot! girls power!

Off to bed after uploading all the pictures into fb. Good night!

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