Thursday, December 03, 2009

She is the love.

So many things to do yet so little time T____T I'm extremely exhausted with everything. I definitely need a break! Help meeeeeeeee @.@ I always thought that december is the month that i can relax but sadly, it's not!

On the other hand, we as in all my siblings celebrated my mom's bday on the day itself which was on the 15th Nov. As usual, we have the cutting cake session and just a simple dinner. We dont make a big fuss about birthday celebration.

we shared including edward and bought this birthday cake for her

happy birthday mummy ♥

us without daddy :(

mom & edward

After the cutting cake session, we went to pyramid for dinner.

tony roma's was the place to dine

sis with the cow thanksgiving banner

before eat must camwhore 1st
wth my face looked damn longggg here @.@

he always acts cute whenever im not acting cute lol

the bleh face

their happy faces. sorry i know my captions are b.o.r.i.n.g

we bought her this sentimental david foster cd and vcd

his decent smile

they never take decent pictures. okay not never but seldom

our free 1/2 onion loaf

mom's fish and fries

sis's dont know what

my 1/2 BBQ chicken
damn huge @.@

she was angry with me cause cant remember what was her dish that night =(


seee, non decent picture

wait, here is one decent pic of my sis with me

the brothers

mom's free bday treat from tony roma's

After dinner, we watched :

yes, we were warned! zzZZZ

After movie, it was around 12am. We drove up to genting for fun since big brother's friends were up there too.


Mom, big brother and his friends all went into the casino meanwhile 3 of us and a brother's friend ; windy who doesnt gamble joined us. We went for a walk around genting, chit chatting and had our supper.

supper at old town white coffee.
one of the waiter there shoo-ed us away =(

haiz! as usual the younger kids! LOL

@outside hotel resort
sis, myself, windy and lil boy

i dont know what was he trying to do. resting his eyes perhaps?

yes, this is my stoned and blur look

i dont like pancake but look at the "M" butter! so cuteee

We drove down from genting around 5am! Although it was tiring but we had fun! Hopefully mom enjoyed herself that day too! xoxo

Good night!

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