Monday, December 28, 2009


So how did you celebrated yr christmas eve and also christmas? I celebrated my christmas eve with a bunch of friends at KL. Definitely one of the best christmas celebration I ever had. Will blog about it asap.

However, this is one veryyyy outdated post and last minute i decided to blog about it as 2009 going to end soon. I want to blog everything that happen in 2009 and start a new fresh for 2010. My dearest readers, please bear with me with the outdated post alright ;)

Since this is one outdated post, i barely can remember when did this outing held. It was a random dinner with the friends. I just love random outings because i can catch up with my friends and update each other stuff. So fun ;D

my 1st time dining at Ole-Ole Bali

light up my light people

i only had this that night for my dinner

ken yee is always ready for the camera

the DSLR holders doing their job

with the ex usj8 schoolmates

the couple ; jared & karen

them posing with their loved ones

honestly, i dont know him and he seemed like he wanted to puke @.@ lol

After that, we went to Boston located at Sunway Mentari. It was jenny's suggestion!

instead of concentrating on how to play the game, i ended up snapping picture :/

soya cincau

hello to ken yee again -.-

mr. hoong with his gf aka stella ;D

they were so concentrating on their card games and also on their phones

with hoong, the good friend

with jenny kuma, the girlfriend <3

say hi to adrian and bernard

this is kevin with pinchakko ryanwulf (his name in facebook lol)

Happy birthday jenny kuma :) xoxo! Hope you'll have a good one and i'll see you later! loves

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