Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I call life

Recently, I'm very the busy with my training! What training? Military training can? LoL! Anyways I shall update whenever I have the free time to do so. My dearest reader, please don't run away k! Stay loyal to me can? Heheh. Come on, my life is indeed that packed up :( Although this is late but yea Merry Christmas people! Happy boxing day! Don't go and punch people.

New year is coming up as well. What are your plans? Spending quality time with family or spending time with friends? As for me, I not sure. Most probably spending this very once a year occasion with family. We shall see how it goes :)

So see ya when I see ya :D ciaoz!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Noms noms

My lappy is a bitch! Bitching for days already. Gosh! What's wrong with you dear lappy? Why cant you connect to the internet whereas other lappy can? :( Poor me because I have to use the spare lappy. I want to use my own lappy! Sigh

Woke up early this morning and i couldn't get my nap after trying to fall asleep like an hour plus. Been thinking a lot lately. How to sleep like that? Gosh!'m so frustrated :( :( Really am

Making use of my time to blog about something which is super outdated. Me being me :P Hahaha!So yea shopping with lil boy and mom!

bleh me for what?

silly face of lil boy

Dinner @ One Utama, Chili's

she also want to take solo picture. so cute

we do look alike right?


what i do best = stoning

lil boy snapped this because he wanted to drink :p

Food make people happy and full LoL

ZoukOut tonight? No, I'm not going! Have fun to those are going :D
All the things I still remember make me really happy but sad at the same time!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Misty misty

Hello december. It's the last month of this year. Wow time flies! It's time for me to do some serious thinking on next year resolutions (; Oh not forgetting, I do need plenty of luck for this month. Donate me some?

So before I start, I need to ask what did I miss out? Anything? Any updates? Gosh! I'm really sesat now (at least I feel like one) T___T

Halloween night @ Mist Club together with dodgeballers and friends. As usual, the super outdated post. One more party post coming up and that's all. No more partying! It's really the time to stop reduce my party life. I'm getting old :( Shhhhh

Stop the crap and pictures time!

thinking about liquor really make ms feel like puking @.@

jenny kuma was there as well!

*peace yo*

halloween without any costumes

yer why i look so fat here? :(

jasonnnnnnn :)

hardcore stupid clubber, benji :)

discussing important business *ahem ahem*

TX, Eric & yaenn pang

extra cuteeee!

because she has an awesome bf

i like his eyelashes! Damn long :0

Gayness! No chicks that night!

MaMaLi :D

my new girlfriends! muahaha

lala kao kao! CMI

the pretty Wilee :)

Yays! December is really here. I couldn't believe time flies that pass! Hahaha
But now I want time to fly slower can?

Sunday, November 21, 2010


My photobucket is being a bitch lately. Couldn't update on proper post. I need the pictures to blog. Anyways how are you guys doing? I'm being a pretty lifeless girl lately. Okay, I shall admit that I'm pretty busy at times too :D LoL!

Since I was being lifeless, I went to google and random search for stuff to blog. Hahah!

So true so true :)
Btw I'm in Starbucks, First World Hotel @ Genting Highlands now! Hehehe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A thought.

Most importantly, all we need to do is to love our life. Enough said!

Life is meaningless only if we allow it to be. Each of us has the power to give life meaning, to make our time and our bodies and our words into instruments of love and hope - Tom Head

Monday, November 08, 2010

Save my life that night

After the dinner with Carmen and the gang, me together with jason lim and jenny kuma went to another jason's place for some poker and drinking beer session. OMG that night was the night I felt the most disappointment in my life :( Shall not talk about this here! I don't like posting emo post in my blog anymore. I don't see the point for telling people that you're emo. Why want to make the others worry about you? Perhaps I'm the girl who keep everything to myself unless I really can't stand it anymore and ended up bursting things out ._.

belly tummy anyone?

Yes, i know you're leading a very happy life now *ahem ahem*

thanks for being there for me people! loves

jenny kuma! the one you wont want to mess with @.@

another Jason but this is jason lee, the host :D

the view from his place :) It's a nice spot to emo!

Quite interesting yet expected that someone like you eventually can make me emo for long :(