Sunday, January 31, 2010

Belated birthday

Today I damn frustrate wei but *chill chill victoria pang*

Anyways, I wanted to blog about my 20th (wah liao I feel damn old weh -.-) birthday celebration with family but there are around 193 pictures to choose and then have to edit somemore. So many things to do yet so little time. Therefore, I decided to blog about the dinner with my friends after a day of my birthday (It was something like a birthday dinner with friends like duh) Thanks to jenny kuma for planning this dinner & also thanks to everyone who make it that night ♥

Besides that, all the pictures below were taken by Jenny Kuma! Credit goes to her obviously right. I dint snap any pictures that night because I was like the so called birthday girl can. Oops ~

We had dinner at The Apartment, the Curve :)

a snap of the belated birthday girl

oh ya, thanks so much for the present :D
me likey the present very much

she tagged along although she was having high fever the 2 days before :/
thanks for coming dear <3

my poached egg and bacon

su woei's dinner

the sick girl with her very mouth watering strawberry dessert

jenny & hoong ordered this pasta

someone's hands was really itchy ;p
guess who?

see we so loving. posing also need to hold hands -.-"

the lick hung noob(s)

excuse me, i thought im supposed to be the one who receive the kisses SINCE I WAS LIKE THE BIRTHDAY GIRL! LOLOLOLO!

su woei damn sexayyyyyy woots

After dinner, we went to The Library for some beers and to chill ourselves since it was a Friday night. Who will stay at home on friday night right right? Ooops I do sometimes lol

it was massive crowded i tell you >.<

we played this shithead game, the jenny's game.

challenge, refresh, copy and burn :))))

jenny kuma ♥

she is the blur one. welcome to the club babe :)

group picture of us at The Library :DD

Thanks for the great night peeps! ♥ Growing older makes me realize a lot of principles of life.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bak kut teh

What time did you guys wake up this morning? For me, I woke up at 8.35am which is extremely early just for bah kut teh with friends. Bryan picked me up around 9.25am and off we went to Klang. Bryan doesnt knows where is ella gonna bring us so we meet her somewhere near a chinese school in klang.

this is the chinese school! damn huge @.@

Ella came together with summer and she leaded the way to somewhere inside klang which i definitely dont know where is this. I only know how to get to AEON Bukit Tinggi :)

ella bought us here for bak kut teh :)

we had the normal bak kut teh

and also the dry version of bak kut teh

this is ella, the klang girl :p

after nom nom ~

summer ; another klang girl who cant waits to celebrate CNY

bryan :D thanks for the ride!

*thumbs up* for the soya sauce can

vic & bryan

hahaha they can pose with whatever things in front of them lolol

a decent one :)

come lets me pour the tea for you! *ouch ouch ouch, the pot is hot*

my jakun-ness look cause i never see klang tea before :p :p

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Still 2009

Finally, I managed to get back my blogging mood. Omg, i tell you it's not easy as it seems to get my blogging mojojo back okay! I have force myself to sit in front of my lappy and blog. Some appreciation wouldnt harm lol! And i dont want to let my dearest readers down as well! I'm such a good girl can!

This will be the second last post for the 2009 although there are many more 2009 outings which i dont plan to blog. Pretty lazy nowadays :/ So this post is about a random dinner with the whole family because daddy wanted to try to dine at Tony Roma's. He is working in overseas. I wonder do they have tony roma's in bangkok @.@

Most of the pictures were taken by my sister using my camera!

tony roma's....AGAIN!

daddy & mummy <3

i look tired here @.@

LOL! a candid pic of my lil boy & daddy

honestly, i think iPhone is an anti social phone :/


thank you sis for making me look ugly like a fish :p

the big brother was trying to manja manja like a small baby

the consequence of manja-ing with me
*just joking*

my caption is officially boring :/

many people said that they look alike. what do you think?

free dessert babeh!

jun hsien, this is for you :D :D

we were doing the darlie toothpaste adv :)

the siblings <3

a family photo!

the lil elephant on lil boy's shirt is so cuteee! all the way from Chiang Mai!

the sexy back of the Pang family excluding sis's one!

i dont look like a fish okay!

We went back home and made this tong yuen for the family! We had this like a bonding session while we were doing the tong yuen!

with her pinky tong yuen!

I'll go in the direction of my dream. I can fulfill my dream! I can do it! Keep thinking positively!