Sunday, January 03, 2010

Last Christmas 09

My christmas eve was just a simple dinner with the friends at Palate Palette located somewhere in KL. If not mistaken, it is located at Jalan Mesui. Honestly, this was a different christmas eve celebration for me because previous year and the year before I was in Singapore for the celebration and also new year eve celebration. The celebrations there were awesome. Omg, i just love singapore.

Besides the dinner, we also had this surprise birthday celebration for the J & J. Continue reading then you'll know who are the J & J. Not many of them knew about it. I could say that it was indeed a successful surprise! *applause* And also big thanks to adrian for buying and bringing the cake :)

Picture credit goes to Aun Hoong!

yup, thats me! :D

brainstorming on what to order

i like the bun! delicious

adrian with his turkey

my cappuccino crunch ice blended *thumbs up*

she definitely needs a bf to help her with the bun lol

she gets very excited when she sees buns @.@

everyone was busying eating

the cute couple ;)

cherrrry booom boooom bunnnn xD

my chicken lasagna

need me to intro more?

apparently, i can feel the gay-ness =p

yu fang & kevin

they are amanda and karen

this is jenny KUMA <3

starry decoration! me likeyy

the guys' toilet break

the girlfriends <3

according to hoong, funny faces are like my thing!

is it true?

or either pure candid is my thing?

jenny with ken yee

group picture excluding hoong

they are the december babies! Jared & Jenny

their 1st early bday celebration together

carmen kong ;)

the massive bill

Finally a group picture with everyone!

After dinner, we wanted to get a place to chill. So we ended up walking to Bukit Bintang.

when the clock stroke 12am! merry christmas

some random people! hot chicks

we needed a break! :/

the girls!

ken found his longgggggggg lost family members -.-

After trying to get away from those who have the spray thingy, we walked to Pavilion. Wanted to chill at Lenka Lenka, however, the place was extremely packed =(

So we ended up at this place at Pavilion. Dont even know what is that place called!

us with the party freebies

adrian, were you drunk?

the jakun-ness for Hoegaarden

we were all happily partying on christmas day!

and also camwhoring! woot

omg hoong, why did you cut carmen out? =p

i honestly pity the cleaners! =(

free soap foam yo!

Thanks guys for the great night!

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