Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super duper late belated birthday celebration

This year I had 3 similiar birthday celebration with 3 different group of people. 1. Dinner & cutting cake session with family 2. Dinner and chilling session with the buddies 3. Super late belated dinner and cupcake as birthday cake with SEGi College mates.

Here is the 3rd part of my birthday celebration. The 1st part havent blog out yet as too many pictures to edit. Hey, at least I update this better than nothing right? *doing the puppy eyes*

The reason why this outing was a super duper late belated birthday celebration is because that I was busy on the day they have planned, therefore, have to postponed it until the 8th of Feb! Indeed, this was my 1st time having a very late birthday celebration. Once again, thanks for everything guys :)

Venue : FullHouse, Pyramid

trying to be lala! aiks! hahaha

hello to the new girlfriend in the house lol

bryan really likes to be around with babe(s)

everyone was happy hence the big smile :D :D

with lil bee :)))

what what what what what?

with summer and ella lookalike :)

cupcakes :D

a total of 12 cupcakes!

that is me posing, wishing and posing again

i purposely opened my eyes when they asked me not to :P :P

indeed they are that loving! awwww

the not that really latecomer, daniel tan

and of course a group picture!
Thanks for the super duper late belated birthday celebration! <3

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