Monday, March 08, 2010

20th yo.

As i promised earlier, the 1st birthday celebration post is finally here. Sorry for the delay. On my birthday the day itself, I had a family dinner at Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar and also a after dinner birthday cake cutting session. I spent the whole day with the family. Oh I just enjoy my family companion :) I ♥ my family manyak-manyak! Awwww ~

while waiting and on the way

@ Outback Steakhouse, Bangsar

he is the youngest but taller in the family

sister claimed that i was posing like a SAILORMOON -.-

entertaining ourselves with vincent's iphone

the squash players yo

my fringe so long already but dont feel like getting a hair cut @.@

the tall one, the hardworking one, the sleepy one & the big bully :)

when we were younger, everyone said that we looked alike.
but as we grow older, we dont even look alike right?

my sis is always the crazy one!

thanks for paying the bill mom and also thanks to big bro for driving us there. love ya!

although the big bro always "bully" us but deep down in his heart, we know that he sayang us right right? =p

look at my sis. HAHAHA! her stunned look is so adorable

the huge menu outside

family picture outside the restaurant. daddy, we miss you :/ faster come back! hehe

the same birthday cake as lil boy's 2009 birthday if im not wrong

yays! happy birthday to me once again :D

mom was in a blur case + confused condition :s


posing with birthday cake in 2 different lighting

my birthday wishes are always the same each year.

everyone looked happy! weee

vincent was being very kai su as lil boy is taller than him now :p ;p

eating cake time. nom nom

thanks everyone so much for a great time ♥

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