Friday, March 05, 2010



This post is copy & paste from a friend of mine ; Aun Hoong cause I wanted to help out to promote this site but I'm not as creative as him lol.

Today I would like to enlighten all my readers out there and all the cheerleading junkies and enthusiasts in malaysia about this new concept.

Its the very 1st of its kind in malaysia and it is being managed by a bunch of crazy cheerleaders. What is it you may ask? Its a cheerleading oriented blog!

This blog is the very 1st to provide cheerleading merchandise. They as cheerleaders themselves understood the difficulties to get cheerleading merchandise out in the malaysian market where it is still a growing sport in malaysia. So they now provide all you cheerleaders the 1stop convenient store for cheerleading products! From shorts to bags to towel and keychains. They soon will have pom-pons, hair ribbons and more funky and cute looking apparels suitable for cheerleading practices. All of this will soon be available here at

They also provide information, tips and happenings in the malaysian cheerleading community. practically like a mini dictionary where you can get any sort of information regarding cheerleading or keep track with them on how is cheerleading community progressing in malaysia. You can also get tips on cheerleading stunts and how its being done the proper way.

Besides all that, they collaborated with Beauty Soap n Scent to sell merchandise like soaps bar, scents bar to viewer and to cheerleaders in aim of helping schooling cheerleaders raise funds (For what u may ask, well... essentials like shoes, proper lasting uniforms and safety equipments like mats). For you cheerleaders out there, if you wish to sell stuff to fundraise in conjunction with the upcoming events in your school or college (Hari Kantin, Carnival Day, Teacher's Day etc). Pls visit to get more info regarding the Beauty Soap n Scent merchandise.

For those that are having second thoughts venturing into this sports. put your doubts and perceptions aside and go check it out 1st, see what cheerleading is all about and what sort of fun and excitement you'll be getting from it. For those ex-cheerleaders having the thoughts that cheerleading will be dead before dawn in malaysia then you better think again. They are growing very fast in malaysia and by you visiting this blog, i hope it brings your cheer spirit back. and for you cheerleaders out there that doesn't know about this blog then what are you waiting for??!! Click on this :

Lastly i would like to thank you all for the time spent reading this post.
Spread the words my friend! take care

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