Tuesday, March 23, 2010

CNY 1st day 2010

I'm having a hectic life currently. Guess i'm gonna be free like a bird after i'm done settling with some stuff. You know I know. But I doubt that i'll be free like a bird. Once I started classes, I dont think so I'll be that free :S See how it goes.

Here is the 1st Day of CNY 2010 post. I'm indeed an outdated blogger. Bear with it. I'm updating my blog for the sake of.........nothing. Therefore, bear with the boring caption and everything. Wasnt in the mood to blog cause im sleepy but cant sleep now :X

they came damn early in the morning whereas basically everyone was still asleep @.@

thank you for waking everyone up that early!

the lion dance's masterpiece

some snacks for the guests

everyone wore red that day. ANG ANG

entertaining ourselves with big bro's iphone

awww he is such an adorable baby!

i think i can be a mother soon! LOL!

uncle kor kor david always want to be the young one

they are the cousins that we only see them once a year

cant imagine myself without her around me :(

the pretty ones

all the ladies with baby aidenn. lucky baby ;)

the wanna-be twins

baby aidenn was the center of attention during this cny

told you so.

the ang ang(s) with baby aidenn

oh my, i miss my long hair

family photo excluding lil boy
he was taking his nap @.@

sorry to say this ; my mom is the shortest in the family

mickey mouse t-shirt


the monkey being a monkey ;p

the JB/Singapore cousins

*insert yr own caption*

hello doggie

my little cute niece ;)

us being very superstitious

but eventually we dint follow anything :)

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