Tuesday, March 30, 2010

CNY 2nd Day 2010

Hello, for those who is outdated and need to know where am i, yup i'm currently in singapore. Will be pursuing my studies here. And i miss everyone back in malaysia :/

CNY posts are basically the same. It's all about going around to visit the relatives, receiving ang pao(s) and camwhoring. During the CNY, the weather was extremely hot and humid. Bet everyone agreed with me on this.

2nd Day of CNY will the the day we went back to my grandmother's place *my mother's side* for lunch before heading to relatives' place.

i was busy with twitter once i reached grandma's place :P

hot + humid weather can kills


hot weather also got the mood to camwhore @.@

After lunch, we went off to temple to pray my grandfather *my dad's side*. All 6 of us squeezed into a Matrix. It was very packed but how often do we have the chance to squeeze ourselves into 1 car? Once a year only what.

botak head!

the hospital where all of us, the siblings were born :))))

At night, my cousins have this birthday celebration for my aunt, my brother and me. My aunt bday was coming soon *cant remember the exact date* whereas my chinese b'day falls on the 2nd day of CNY *the day itself* and my brother one falls on the 3rd day *the next day*

blowing the candles.

they were the paparazzi

and we were the stars that night. woot

good night after playing cards :)

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