Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CNY 3rd Day 2010

A quick post.

This will be the last post for CNY 2010. We all went back to subang on the 3rd day of cny. Time flies so fast! I wanted to stay longer but couldnt as daddy was flying back to bangkok the next 2 days.

Before heading back to subang, we dropped by grandma's place for lunch. Me, lil boy and sis drove there 1st cause the others werent ready yet.

camwhore queen

curi minum :S

candid *smile*

the siblings ♥

my grandma!!!! ♥

with daddy ♥

heineken shot.

daddy helping grandma :)

family photo. the same place as we took family photo last year CNY

this is one different family photo ♥

stupid-ness of us :)

jumping shot 1

the monkey

jumping shot 2

home sweet home ♥

I wanna blog about AP! Hahah maybe after all my drafts are out ;)

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