Wednesday, March 17, 2010

CNY Eve 2010

The Chinese New Year posts are finally up. Seriously, i dont have the determination to blog recently. Just feel lazy and the blogging mojo is missing. However, I'll try to update at least once a week. Better than nothing right.

This year CNY was indeed short. I was back in my hometown on the friday night till tuesday which was the 3rd day of CNY. In addition, this year CNY was slightly different because I managed to celebrate my chinese birthday with my big bro and my aunt. See the 2nd day of CNY post.

Here is the Chinese New Year Eve's post. I have decided to divide 2010 CNY post into 3 part because of the amount of pictures taken.

the big huge red latern

some food that was stolen from our neighbour as they were having open house

the satay was not bad

When the clock strike 12.05am, there was fireworks held somewhere near my grandma's house. And I managed to snap few pictures of fireworks. I'm not a professional photographer or whatever. I just change my camera mode to fireworks mode and snapped the pictures. Easy job :)

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Tina said...

Love you pics... very artistic and candid... ever tot of pursuing photography? Cos you may just go very far with it... =)