Thursday, March 04, 2010

We call them the 1Koolz

Yes, I'm definitely the last one who blog about . . . . everything. Haha! I bet everyone has blogged about this already and yet, now only I want to blog about it.

Have you heard of the team named 1Koolz? No? Yes? Dont know? =.="

Anyways those who doesnt know, it's okay, it's just a group name. Not a famous boy band or artists okay. LOL! For your info, this team has won the challenge in DiGi Pimp My Day Challenge with Mardigras, therefore, each of the team member has a Chili's voucher worth rm300. Hence, this outing was held as to like celebrate their victory.

Each of the team members are allowed to bring a guest for the dinner. Lucky enough, I was one of the guest that night. My boss aka JackieLoi, who was a member of 1Koolz invited me! Thanks doremi =) Oh ya, the team member for 1Koolz are Jackie, Samuel, Jac & Xiang.

Not to mention that all the pictures below were taken by JackieLoi!

A total of 9 of us were there. They are :

This was stole from jackie's blog

*peace to jac yo*

the pretty lady :)

the chicks that night

As you know, I'm bad in food's name. Couldnt remember what did we order that night because there were too many dishes. Omg, I tell you that night was my 1st time seeing so many dishes on the dining table.

the mixture of errrr... everything except for the drinks.

HAHAHAHAHA! Jeffro looks hilarious!

jeffro, the bapak ayam! rofl

see, basically all the guys wanted to snap pictures with the 4 chicks! LOL

he is definitely a BOSS. no doubt

look at the retarded Samuel @.@

them with the "something" margarita.

a not very decent group picture but i like!

say hello to doremi =)

the must eat dessert @ Chili's

Thank you :)

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kenwooi said...

nice pictures of friends and food =)