Thursday, April 29, 2010

Singapore is fun but also boring.

Thursday is definitely the most tiring day for me ever since I changed to FT2 class. Reason why? Is because my class is from 1pm-7pm! No lunch break in between. Management and Accounting class weh. That's why now im like half dead @.@

However, I suddenly have the urge to blog. Maybe thanks to yesterday conversation ;D Woots. Thanks dude! You know what, i seldom use my camera when i'm in singapore. I wonder why BUT no worries, I gonna start snapping more pictures to make my blog interesting with singapore posts.

Here will be an update on my singapore outing. I did went out for few times with my friends. But was pretty lazy to update at the moment hence the late update.

I tagged along with the yoyo players for their show at a small boy birthday party. Remember my tweets once I somehow crashed a small boy b'day party. This was the one! lol. Oh the birthday boy isn't that adorable! Evil me.

the big boss explaining something to the parents!

teaching the kids on how to play yoyo

they called him uncle alex! muahahha *evil grins*

and lastly, this little girl is pretty ;)

Now my iTunes is playing the song - Never say never by The Fray!
Come sing along with me ~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog up just for you.

Hmm I have to confess that actually i dont plan to blog today but someone asked me to blog and I dont want to disappoint that person cause he is a great friend to me ;) You know who you are! *pointing at you*

Right now, I should be revising my principles of management cause tomorrow i have an open book test. Although it's just an open book test, many claimed that why would I need to study? Come on, open book test is still a test right? I want to try to complete the test without opening my book. Wish me luck!

Besides that, I'm glad that I'm able to chat with some people tonight. It has been a while since we last chat! Don't be that busy okay dokay, Mr.Busy! Oh not only that, don't you ever dare to forget me. If you do so, you gonna pay for the consequences! I mean it!

At least i update something kan? (: Good night! And wish me luck! Loves!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Motivational for oneself

Take the first step in faith. You don’t have to see the whole staircase.
Just take the first step.

~Dr. Martin Luther King Jr~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The place I'll be heading to

Next up, is my school post. Bet many of you haven't heard abt my school. The name of my school is EASB aka East Asia Institute of Management.

Here is my school website Check it out if you want to.

Seriously, I dint snap much pictures of my school. Just some pictures for now. Next time, I'll snap more if I have the chance to do so.

the back view of EASB

the cafeteria

oops sorry suri :)

their char siew rice which costs SGD2.00

the classmates that I hang out most of the time ; Nic & Suri.
They are from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!
And sorry guys, suri is already taken ;)

p/s : we dint pakat to wear purple. Great minds think alike! :D

the SGD1.00 candy machine

M&M chocolates remind me of the big bully back home :/

skittle anyone?

Friday, April 23, 2010

Hello there. A new life

This is my 1st post on my singapore life. First and foremost, i would like to blog about the place im staying. The place im staying is Whampoa Drive. Pls dont come and stalk me! Thanks ;p Everything here is so convenience. There is a bus stop near my block, food court, wet market, super market, playground, community hall, shops and nice people *hopefully* lol.

the super delicious breakfast ;)

Greetings from Singapore!

the sunset view from my window. pretty right?

and this is the peaceful evening view :D I like this pic!

my freaking blue closet

my bed and study table
say hi to cupido ;)

the night view from the kitchen. can you see the moon?

Oh this is my new wallet. Thank you :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop continuing can or not? LOL!

Okay okay! This will be the last continuous post for the post when i was back in Subang.

6. Had lunch with YuLiang after his class @Ajisen Ramen Pyramid.

the very super duper extremely busy boy, YuLiang.
i'm still waiting for yr pics to be uploaded in fb wei! haha

After lunch, we watched :

rating : 7/10

7. After that, went for badminton with the siblings.

*peace to the photographer ; my sis*

she thinks this is cute -.-"

8. After badminton, went back home and showered. Later, went off to Pyramid with mom and sis to get something and dinner as well.

she surely miss me when im in sg :p

Dinner @Kenny Roger

i know she looks more mature than me! hahaha

but she always manja with my mom as if she is like a small baby ;p


i miss my mom :(

muffins anyone?

oh my god, this is mouth watering i tell you! damn cheesy & damn nice

9. The next morning before sending me to the airport, my mom, lil boy and I went for dim sum at 6am cause my flight was at 8.40am! We were the 1st customers wei! So awkward

Guess I'm done with my subang posts already. Next up, I gonna blog about my life in Singapore :) Stay tune for my updates!

Friday, April 16, 2010

To be continue . . . . .

from the previous post.

3. Had lunch with mom and also went for grocery shopping for my stuff.

4. Helped lil boy to snapped pictures for his moral project!

5. Went for movie with Darren @OneUtama but before that we went for a road trip by following some unknown ppl's direction from LowYat lol

but i managed to see the sunset when i was on the way :)

darren's 1st time having nando's? lmao! damn noob xD

hot peri-peri

After nando's-ing, we watched :

rate is : 5/10

i prefer this pic cause my fringe can cover my fatness on my face

i found this paper in his car and decided to camwhore with it!
sorry for blocking peeps!

my driver that day, darren :)

blek him cause he is the noob :)

Sorry but yea to be continued again..Remember that im a busy lady? Thank you.