Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Blog up just for you.

Hmm I have to confess that actually i dont plan to blog today but someone asked me to blog and I dont want to disappoint that person cause he is a great friend to me ;) You know who you are! *pointing at you*

Right now, I should be revising my principles of management cause tomorrow i have an open book test. Although it's just an open book test, many claimed that why would I need to study? Come on, open book test is still a test right? I want to try to complete the test without opening my book. Wish me luck!

Besides that, I'm glad that I'm able to chat with some people tonight. It has been a while since we last chat! Don't be that busy okay dokay, Mr.Busy! Oh not only that, don't you ever dare to forget me. If you do so, you gonna pay for the consequences! I mean it!

At least i update something kan? (: Good night! And wish me luck! Loves!

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