Monday, April 05, 2010

Corner with love

First and foremost, I'm back in subang for 6 days because my class has been postponed to next week. So anyone who wanna meet up or hang out, please do let me know in advance alright :) You know I would not prefer last minute plans :S Btw i want to catch some movies. Any suggestion?


Anyways, I dislike farewell, therefore, there wasnt any farewell for me when i was about to leave to singapore. Sorry for the last minute announcement. Yes, i admit it was really very last minute but luckily i was able to meet up with my besties before leaving.

Dinner was held at Italiannies, Pyramid. Pictures stole from jenny's blog. Hence the watermark.

i dont know why most of their food portion is freaking huge.

sorry taryna but this really looks like puke @.@

this for appetizer. quite filling wei.

jenny's huge curry puff lol

aww i cant "cha" you anymore! nvm nvm, when im back i gonna "cha" kao kao :P
be prepare, kuma!

peace yr head wei taryna khoo :P

awww we look so cuteee together without kuma right?
dont kill me jenny kuma! love you much

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