Sunday, July 04, 2010

From his side

I've been very busy with going out with family and meeting up with friends when I was back in SJ. I know there are many friends whom I couldnt meet up with when I was back. Sorry guys! Blame the only 1 week plus semester break. Now I'm back in SG and I miss SJ already ): Moreover, i'll be starting my 2nd semester tomorrow. And my timetable is pretty sucky as most of my classes are in the afternoon.

Outdated post. Remember the 1st post of SYYC? Here is the 2nd one :

Basically, the 8th Singapore YoYo Championship (SYYC) was an event held from Spinworkx. "Spinworkx is a unique talent development company that specialises in yo-yos and skill toys. They provide training workshops, enrichment programmes using yo-yos, and showcase exciting performances for events ranging from private birthday parties to community and corporate events " - facebook

SYYC was held at Cineleisure Orchard, which is located in the heart of Orchard Road in Singapore. Honesty, it was a good event. Although I don't really know the organizer nor the committee members, but thumbs up to them for making this event a successful one.

More camwhore pictures of me and my friends during SYYC. Most pictures were taken from Jayson's camera. His camera very nice, i like but I don't plan to get a new one so I'll just stick to my very own beloved camera. My camera also not bad okay but still cant compare with dslr.

taken during the 1st day of SYYC
although it's blur but i like because i look nice

2 different people looking at 2 different camera but with the same mega pixels and brand of the camera

taken using Uncle Tony's huge and heavy plus expensive dslr

this reminded me of the picture we took few years back! memories

funny faces work better on me

picture spoiler, you know who

trying to act cute. epic fail.

cheng joined us :)
lex, i hope you break yr teeth lol!

I'm the biggest champion ever *evil grins*

this is a super extraordinary way pose from a champion xD

a picture speaks a thousand words!

we shall camwhore more often!

with the very surprising 1A SYYC Champion ; Christopher Chia

trying Cheng how to bluek!

HAHAHA! i look better than you :P :P

Wei Da, yours truly *who was trying to fix in lol* & Jayson

us with Darrell Mitchell
*ya ya, i was trying to fix in again but not my fault because jayson left an empty space in between*

the nicest picture of all

Nah, the champion/rockstar/superstar *cough cough until cant cough anymore*

You know what, I'll never get a good sleep when I'm singapore T.T

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