Thursday, April 01, 2010

I miss bimbo!

Sorry big brother for the late update on yr birthday celebration *i dont think so he will drop by here that often* Oh well

My big bully brother's birthday was on the 19th Feb. We managed to have a complete family dinner since dad was around that time. However, the dinner was on the 18th which was a day before his exact birthday.

I think i said this before but i gonna say it again ; I love having complete family dinner because we seldom have it last time as daddy is not around. This time, daddy and I might missed out family dinner because he is in bangkok and im in singapore whereas the rest is back in subang ;(

sis wanted to be the star for the night

and she was trying to be camouflage

the real star that night ; big brother

mommy & daddy

bread as appetizer

acting cute!

wah i dint realize my hair was so long that time!

without them, my life is definitely incomplete

i gonna put this as my profile picture in fb soon

i miss my loooooooong hair :(

guess, guy laroche and nine west babeh! :D

we brought a cheese cake for him as he wanted one

happy anot?

i dont know whether was he making wishes or staring at the cake

mata terbeliak @.@

cutting cake!

present for him :)

Not only brother has a birthday present. I have one too :

lets welcome cupido into our family :)
btw this is my late birthday present from lil boy.

thanks lil boy for the cupido :)

cupido is with me in singapore! hehe

I miss everyone back home :( And i miss you too daddy!


cher wei said...

ur cupido is so cute!!! such a nice bro u have....

Victoria said...

@Cher wei, haha cute right? indeed, i have the bestest siblings ever :)

cher wei said...

yeahhh so luckky la in sg with you?? do u do u hug it to sleep every night??weeeee

Victoria said...

haha! yea i hug it every night cause it's in sg with me! damn nice to hug :)