Sunday, April 25, 2010

The place I'll be heading to

Next up, is my school post. Bet many of you haven't heard abt my school. The name of my school is EASB aka East Asia Institute of Management.

Here is my school website Check it out if you want to.

Seriously, I dint snap much pictures of my school. Just some pictures for now. Next time, I'll snap more if I have the chance to do so.

the back view of EASB

the cafeteria

oops sorry suri :)

their char siew rice which costs SGD2.00

the classmates that I hang out most of the time ; Nic & Suri.
They are from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam!
And sorry guys, suri is already taken ;)

p/s : we dint pakat to wear purple. Great minds think alike! :D

the SGD1.00 candy machine

M&M chocolates remind me of the big bully back home :/

skittle anyone?

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