Thursday, April 29, 2010

Singapore is fun but also boring.

Thursday is definitely the most tiring day for me ever since I changed to FT2 class. Reason why? Is because my class is from 1pm-7pm! No lunch break in between. Management and Accounting class weh. That's why now im like half dead @.@

However, I suddenly have the urge to blog. Maybe thanks to yesterday conversation ;D Woots. Thanks dude! You know what, i seldom use my camera when i'm in singapore. I wonder why BUT no worries, I gonna start snapping more pictures to make my blog interesting with singapore posts.

Here will be an update on my singapore outing. I did went out for few times with my friends. But was pretty lazy to update at the moment hence the late update.

I tagged along with the yoyo players for their show at a small boy birthday party. Remember my tweets once I somehow crashed a small boy b'day party. This was the one! lol. Oh the birthday boy isn't that adorable! Evil me.

the big boss explaining something to the parents!

teaching the kids on how to play yoyo

they called him uncle alex! muahahha *evil grins*

and lastly, this little girl is pretty ;)

Now my iTunes is playing the song - Never say never by The Fray!
Come sing along with me ~

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