Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Stop continuing can or not? LOL!

Okay okay! This will be the last continuous post for the post when i was back in Subang.

6. Had lunch with YuLiang after his class @Ajisen Ramen Pyramid.

the very super duper extremely busy boy, YuLiang.
i'm still waiting for yr pics to be uploaded in fb wei! haha

After lunch, we watched :

rating : 7/10

7. After that, went for badminton with the siblings.

*peace to the photographer ; my sis*

she thinks this is cute -.-"

8. After badminton, went back home and showered. Later, went off to Pyramid with mom and sis to get something and dinner as well.

she surely miss me when im in sg :p

Dinner @Kenny Roger

i know she looks more mature than me! hahaha

but she always manja with my mom as if she is like a small baby ;p


i miss my mom :(

muffins anyone?

oh my god, this is mouth watering i tell you! damn cheesy & damn nice

9. The next morning before sending me to the airport, my mom, lil boy and I went for dim sum at 6am cause my flight was at 8.40am! We were the 1st customers wei! So awkward

Guess I'm done with my subang posts already. Next up, I gonna blog about my life in Singapore :) Stay tune for my updates!

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