Friday, April 16, 2010

To be continue . . . . .

from the previous post.

3. Had lunch with mom and also went for grocery shopping for my stuff.

4. Helped lil boy to snapped pictures for his moral project!

5. Went for movie with Darren @OneUtama but before that we went for a road trip by following some unknown ppl's direction from LowYat lol

but i managed to see the sunset when i was on the way :)

darren's 1st time having nando's? lmao! damn noob xD

hot peri-peri

After nando's-ing, we watched :

rate is : 5/10

i prefer this pic cause my fringe can cover my fatness on my face

i found this paper in his car and decided to camwhore with it!
sorry for blocking peeps!

my driver that day, darren :)

blek him cause he is the noob :)

Sorry but yea to be continued again..Remember that im a busy lady? Thank you.

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