Sunday, May 23, 2010

3rd day part 2

I don't know why am I still awake at this kind of time. Honestly, I'm tired and sleepy. Plus, I was out for almost the whole day. Why am I still awake and can blog somemore? A BIG QUESTION MARK! Anyone can figure it out for me?

Anyways, I changed my blog layout because I'm bored of the super white and dull which doesn't have much colours layout. Nice anot this layout? Please tell me it's nice or at least say okay just to please me :P

Oh well. Even though if it's not nice, like i'm gonna change it because you said so. Cheh!

Okay, stop the crap victoria pang.

So back to the main point of this post. The 3rd day was indeed the productive day although 2 of our plans were canceled. After recharging ourselves, we met up at ION orchard at 7pm. Alex tagged along as well because he was supposed to be our tour guide.

4. Brought them for cheap dinner @ Far East Plaza

jun hsien acting cute huh?

5. Hang out at Orchard Central rooftop

on the way to orchard central

and they wanted us to snap this -.-

in orchard central mall

Going to the top

When we were at the rooftop, I left my beloved camera to my sister. And they spammed my camera which I allowed them to do so lol

looking good

they are so sweet together! I can feel the sweetness xD

6. Chilling/Yam cha Session

eeeeeee the lala pose ;p

*sniff sniff*

please don't kill me for posing this picture here!!

fuyoooh look at my arms! bigger than his wei T.T

ya ya! he is a camera shy! bullshit

Okay, I'm in the blur case situation now. Perhaps it's time for me to sleep like finally. Good night!
Tomorrow only upload the pictures into facebook. Hehe

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