Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 2 Part 1

Wah I tell you, we were that crazy that in 4 days time, we've snapped about 550+ pictures!! Thats' why i'm having a hard time uploading the pictures into photobucket/facebook, adding the trademarks, and resizing them. As a result, I have to divide some of the post into 2-3 post. This will be the Day 2 Part 1 post.

What did we do on the 2nd day was :

1. Hiking at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

At first, we wanted to go hiking but then it is not the suitable hiking place so we just exercise ourselves and also snapped pictures like nobody business :P It was a good exercise by the way.

the monkey!

both also monkey wei -.-

i was trying to be the monkey as well but failed :(

an apple a day keeps the doctor away *thumbs up*

we never miss out jumping shot!

*touched the leaf*

we were checking out a huge ant

he has nothing better to do

she definitely have better thing to do such as camwhore

sorry dude i just have to post this picture here!

you really look so funny :P

i also kena what but i dont look that funny! :P

jun hsien's thinking ; no PDA pls!


pls dont mess with my sis. she is that violent. don't believe me? Go ask jun hsien

PLS! cannot make it wehhhh

can you see my big brother here? *pointing at the monkey*

we selamba sat down on the pathway as if we owned the road. like our father's road like that.

2. A visit to the Singapore Zoo.

in the bus. sis knocked out @.@

To be continue.....

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