Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Final part of day 2

After singapore zoo, we all went back to get some rest before going out again. I went back to my place and got a short nap. Then, met up my sis and jun hsien at their hostel. From there, we continued our journey to Clarke Quay.

3. Clubbing at Zirca, Clarke Quay.

To be honest, some of my friends knew that I has stopped drinking and clubbing. Yea I haven't been drinking or going to clubs for quite some times already except of the Hennesy Artisty because it was an event and i was invited as a guest.

Since sister and jun hsien were the tourists in singapore so I have to gave in and brought them to one of the clubs in singapore. All thanks to jun hsien! Ish :P

all dressed up pretty and handsome

Before entering the club, we went for dinner at The Central if i'm not mistaken.

the lovebirds

everyday only know how to camwhore -.-

blur looking plus candid me

potential profile picture. 3P

brocoli with oyster sauce yum ~

in the empty club because we have nothing to do but to enter into Zirca like a jakun

eeeeee me look so FAT!

the clubbers and the drinkers

ya man high on life NOT ON DRUGS

tiger beer, the game never end :)

sis claimed that this pic is potential to be my new display picture.
what do you think?

*cheers to me*

Honestly, Zirca wasn't that happening in my point of view. Perhaps is because we were there early? But in Clarke Quay, the pubs are more happening compared to clubs. I shall go to pubs next time. No more clubbing. Thanks but no thanks ;D Wait, perhaps i'll try not to go clubs if possible. Friend's b'day parties are exceptional.

So we chilled around Clarke Quay by snapping stupid pictures and chit chatting. These activities are definitely healthier than clubbing! Agree?

i know you can jump with heels. don't lan ci here :p

i've uploaded the video that my sis got pranked by this ice-cream seller in facebook :P
only a 0.29 videos

he is such a nice bf who willing to pay SGD$4 to ensure that my sis kena pranked.
But at least got ice cream to eat lol.

Will be having accounting test tomorrow. Good luck to me :) Nerdy time.

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