Thursday, May 27, 2010

Finally the last one.

Yes my dearest readers, this is the last post for my sis's singapore trip. After this post, I'll blog about my daily routine and whatever thing I would want to blog. Heeee! As I said earlier, most of the pictures are in facebook. Check it out if you're curious.

Basically, the last day was the day we went shopping.

1. Dropped by to the Hive.

2. Shopping at City Square Mall because mom needed us to get something for her.

her beloved polar bear ;)

After done with our shopping and lunch, we waited for the shuttle bus from city square mall. Some pictures were taken while waiting.


so pinky ~

their grumpy expressions @.@ not enough sleep izzit?

the brother in law's blur face

2. A visit to Kampong Glam aka Malay Village?

old school windows

mei mei & jun hsien :)

Align Center

3. Bugis Street is not a place you would want to miss out when you're in singapore!

It's like a shopping heaven. Everything there is cheap for singaporean :)

tired-ness stroke! :(

4. Send them to the airport. Their flight was 7.40pm. Alex tagged along by the way.

After sending them off, we went for dinner. MCD for dinner.

malaysia doesn't have this mayo and curry things :S

I wish they could stay here longer. I miss hanging out with them already.


¥ù £Ïäñg said...

maybe is because too expensive? hahah

Victoria said...

@YuLiang, yea i think so too :P