Saturday, May 22, 2010

Hay Dairies Day 3 1st Part

Good morning! Firstly, a very happy Happy 20th Birthday to Samuel Chew! Have a great one ♥

The 3rd day of my sister & jun hsien singapore trip is here. So many pictures wehhh! But obviously I won't be posting them all here!

Plus please don't get bored of our faces. Hehe! There will be 1-2 more posts for this visit. The 3rd day was pretty disappointing because we wanted to go to Hay Dairies which is in our itinerary but we couldn't find the place! :(((

1. A visit to Hay Dairies farm = TOTAL FAILURE T________T

As a result, we went all the way there empty handed. Oh well, not really empty handed. We managed to get sun tanning while walking searching for the Hay Dairies farm lol

2. A visit to the Chinese Garden.

Chinese Garden is known as the Jurong Garden which is located at Jurong East of course.

in the mrt heading to chinese garden

You might wonder why on earth are we gonna do at the Chinese Garden? Or maybe what are there in this garden? Honestly, there are :

  • Stone Lion
  • The East Entrance
  • Bridge
  • Main Arch Building
  • Stone Boat & Tea House
  • Pagoda
  • Bonsai Garden
  • Garden of Abundance
  • Pavilion, Plateau & Tower
  • The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum
  • You Yuan Buffet & Seafood Restaurant

So many things to see eh? It's worth going there and open our eyes. In malaysia, is there any chinese gardens? NO RIGHT! :P


with the pagoda

going up to the pagoda

omg, we climbed up approximately of 188 stairs to be on the top of the pagoda.
to be exact, 7 stories high

it was worth it to climb all the way to the top

why on earth my face is so round? @.@

haha i look so tiny here

pig face!

both also china man what! geez

sorry no thanks. i don't like china man :P

perfect jump sis!

i love this picture because i was the photographer ;)

she was confused because of Confucius -.-

sorry i know there are alot of jumping shot during this visit

cant blame us because we just love to jump.

besides that, jumping can makes us grow taller lol

we were sun tanning like nobody business

i want to put this as my profile picture in fb can

the man sunglasses! sexy huh?

ehhh, i was showing them my injured toe :(

HAHAHAHAHA! sorry jun hsien, i just have to embarrass you xD

wah wah very macho huh?

we spent about 2 hours in the chinese garden

3. A visit to Pulau Hantu.


Moreover, we allowed the coin to decide whether should we go anot. We flipped the coin. As a result, we didnt go to the island but we went back home and rest before going for dinner. Next post coming out soon teheeeee

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