Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hmm okay here is the day 2 Part 2

This is the continuous from the previous post. Sadly, my camera battery died on me while we were in the zoo. Hence, the less pictures from the zoo visit! T__T But more pictures will be uploaded in facebook soon :)

We went to Singapore Zoo straight after done "hiking" at Bukit Timah Nature. Wah damn happening right. Hardcore adventure.


we only went for the Rainforest Fights Back show :/

the maneater ; crocodile

the tiger was posing for my camera! seriously

my sister's new best friend :)

so loving. just like mei mei & jun hsien lol

sis's another new best friend ; polar bear

but it totally ignore my sister :P

baboon! the sexy red ass!

that lady is definitely a picture spoiler. ish

i want to go to australia :)

i miss perth zoo whenever i see kangaroo! :(


There is another post for the Day 2. Please don't rush me to update them. I'm busy with my studies. Please understand my situation (: terima kasih

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