Tuesday, June 01, 2010

It has been a while

Damn! It has been a while since I have this weird and mixed up feelings. By the way, IS JUNE AN EMO MONTH? T______T I think it is! Anyways, put aside all my unwanted thoughts and whatever emo stuff, I'm here to update my blog because I need to distract myself from thinking too much which I cant never stop

Not only I'm feeling emo but I'm feeling unwell too. Flu, headache and body aches like crazy. What is this? Stress? Fever? Homesick? Lovesick? Depression? Whatever disease you can think of? Honestly, I don't know *smack head*

Okay. Back to the main reason why am I here.

So people, you wanna go to geylang? For what you ask me? Of course to have good food there. If not then what? Makan the girls there? lols. Sorry wei, i'm a lady not a guy.

All thanks to Alex because he was the one who brought me to geylang for dim sum. Honestly, it was my 1st time having dim sum for my dinner. Normally, when i'm in subang, i'll go eat dim sum for breakfast instead of dinner.

sugar cane in a big plastic bowl

siew mai

pork something something

JunHsien, *if you're reading this, nxt time i'll bring you to geylang to explore okay?*

Then, he also brought me to Rochor Beancurd shop somewhere around the city. I don't remember the name of the street but I only know how to get there.

*picture from google*

Wah we have to queue up to buy this beancurd you tiao okay! Longgggggg queue wei! Don't play play!

what so delicious about it?
honestly, I don't know but I only like the beancurd not the you tiao.

I'm better near to you!

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