Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Photography club 1st shooting

Because of the rule and regulation from ICA, international students are supposed to be in school for at least 25 hours per week. As a result, all of us have to be active in curriculum activities. Therefore, I join the photography and badminton club to make my life more happening lol. Besides that, also to get to know more friends from everywhere (:

So the 1st photography club activity was the sunset photo shooting. All of us *okay not all but some* the photography club members gathered at VivoCity and snapped a group picture before heading to Sentosa.

group picture!
Credit goes to Jimmy Zhang if i'm not mistaken.

We took a train from VivoCity to Sentosa. However, the weather was good before we stepped in Sentosa. Once we stepped in Sentosa, it started to rain :S So ended up we chill and had ice breaking session before proceeding to snap sunset pictures.

yang yina! she is like a happy go lucky girl!

we call her ; Ann

and this is Zaocee, the paparazzi

we were asked to snap picture of sunset but then they camwhored

I also want to camwhore! hehehe

they are from China by the way!
Zaocee, where were you? -.-

emerald pavilion!

zaocee and louis dai
they are from China too and they were in the same high school.
However, they only know each other during this event @.@

marine stingers? still dare to swim kah?

louis wang aka the photography club president, louis dai and errr *recalling him name but couldn't* sorry dude!

can you see the moon?

this was around 7.45pm

dinner @Food Republic, VivoCity

The 6 shots below were the ones that I think I would send to my president :

But in the end, I only send him 3 pictures. Haha!

And photography club is like the best club to be involved with because it's a happening club. I'm not sure about the other clubs but go photography club! Yays!

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