Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Queen Victoria

Hello, I'm Queen Victoria. Have you been to my palace or you might know it as Istana? No? Yes? Don't know what/where is that? Come let me tell you, the Istana is an official residence of the President (me) where (I) he receives and entertains state guests. It's located along Orchard Road and just beside Plaza Singapura.

*shake my head for being so perasan lol*

Anyhow lucky me that I was able to go visit the Istana as on the 1st of May as it was the Istana's Open House. Noted that the Istana is not open to public everyday. Check out the Istana's website for more details. All foreigner have to pay SGD$ 1.00 for the entrance fee and another SGD 2.00 for the entrance fee for the Istana Building if and only you want to enter.

I was there with my DHT FT 1 classmates. When they asked me out, I was wondering where are they going because I didn't actually ask them the exact place and what are we gonna do. But the trip to visit this Istana was enjoyable but we were somehow walking under the sun although we carried umbrella but the heat was extremely killing T.T Try to imagine that?

Okay, stop the crap. Pictures time. Some of the pictures below are taken by a friend of mine. I stole borrow some of her pictures from facebook.

HAHAHA! look at that guy behind. I dont know him one :P

all the chicks!

kita boleh cakap bahasa malaysia! she is from indonesia

group picture :D

zaocee needs the star there! she said it's too revealing -.-

picture spoiler wei this nicholas! >.<

nicholas is always the lucky one cause got so many girls around him

wah wah what are the ppl looking at? ROCKSTAR kah?

pointing at me cause im the rockstar lol

msia, china and indonesia chicks

hello, im fatty victoria!

so fat already still can eat ice-cream and camwhore? *shake head*

Zaoceeeeeeeeeeeee ~

under the umbrellas!

may, nicholas, suri, yours truly, morinia and zaocee

the Istana Building!

me with the istana behind and zaocee's umbrella!

was this candid? -.-

aku punya pond!

damn cute xD

chubby cheek! T___T

nicholas lam! he is a fan of MU too! weee ~

come on, smile smile. He looked so serious. scary ~ @.@

we camwhored while waiting for the bus to arrived

ya ya very cute :)

tickets for the day!

Study time!

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