Friday, May 14, 2010

Random night out

Good morning guys! How are you all feeling today? Omg, saw my previous tweet?
I tweeted ; Sometimes i think 3 hrs of tutorial class is a waste of time. maximum 2 hrs is enough what!

What do you think? Would you prefer 3 hrs or 2 hrs of tutorial class? Of course 2 hrs right! Haha the shorter the better. Oh well, lazy bum!

Someone claimed that I never blog about him when we were out. You know why? Is because we dint take pictures together, how to blog -.- See i'm the smart one,at least I snapped some pictures of what we did and what we ate lol. Nxt time we must take more pictures already :)

early dinner @ Graffiti Cafe, Far East Plaza.
You can actually "vandalize" this restaurant. seriously

Done with early dinner, we walked all the way to Orchard Central for dessert.

my 1st time dining at this fruit tart shop. thanks for bringing me there :D

the drink!

chocolate banana! awesome-ness :)

after dessert, we went to the top of Orchard Central to count airplane LOL!

It was a beautiful night :)

Need to run. 3hrs of tutorial class at 1pm! :(

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