Sunday, May 16, 2010

Their honeymoon Day 1

As most of you knew that my sis and jun hsien were in singapore from the 7th-10May 2010. Omg, I miss hanging out with them. We've so much fun spending our time together although I was a spot light during the outings lol. Just one word to describe their visit here ; splendid.

They arrived here on a friday whereas I have class from 1pm-4pm. Therefore, they have to find their own way to their hostel. Thank god, they managed to find it. I was worried that they might got lost somewhere else. So after class, I went back home to put down my books then straight went off to find them. Their hostel is only 3-4 bus stop away from my place.

Apparently, my sis and I have this itinerary/a list of plan what to do and where to go during this trip. Normally, whenever we are on a holiday, we always prefer free and easy outings. So this was our 1st time going places based on the planned activities. And not forgetting, all the activities were like hardcore activities for me.

All the pictures are credited to me because they don't have a camera. oh wait, jun hsien does have a 5 megapixel phone camera *our inside joke* LOL!

Our itinerary were like :

1. I go find them at their hostel after class.

@The Hive Backpackers, their hostel

2. Bring them back to my area for early dinner and visit my place.

chow kuey teow

jun hsien's fav noodles lol

white carrot cake

3. Going to Clarke Quay to meet up with cousin sister.

While waiting for no.139 bus :

Because we were early, we stopped by at Dhoby Ghaut mrt and went for a walk.

honestly, i dont know who is she

them with the MacDonald House

my "brother-in-law"


I brought them to Cathay as well because they haven't been there beforeu and it's located so near by the dhoby ghaut mrt.

alamak now i feel like eating popcorn @.@

Besides that, we also went to Plaza Singapura Carrefour for some grocery shopping for the activities next day. Wait and see on the next post what did we do on that day :) Stay tune!

After done with grocery shopping, we headed off to Clarke Quay.

crazy girl :P

why cant she be normal for once? -.-"

sorry, i'm one short girl

chilling by the riverside with our yogurts. yum

CMI wei!

jun hsien, why didn't you smile with yr teeth?

so loving! awww ~

now everyone is smiling with their teeth. happiness struck :))))

i want to give it a try on the G Max reverse bungy but tak ada kaki T__T

do you think we have the same nose?

Chilled @ The Clinic once cousin sister has arrived. The Clinic was indeed extraordinary because it is identified by its hospital whites, colourful pills, syringes, drips, test-tubes and paraphernalia in all manner of the clinical, all in tribute to the tongue-in-cheek pop.

so unique can!

jakun-ness struck!

omg jun hsien, was this candid?

my pretty cousin sister who will be getting marry in 2 months time :)

bet this was their jakun's expression

confirm this was not a candid shot :)

Hmm wanna know what is on our itinerary for the next day. Stay tune. Will blog about it as soon as I upload all the pictures into photobucket and resize them! For more pictures, you can always check our my facebook but only applies to my friend. Private settings.


Jackie Loi said...

u got d same smile wif ur sis..n d clinic..uhh sound like drug addict shop XP

Victoria said...

@Jackie huh really? I thought we have the same nose @.@ but the clinic is damn cool. the chairs for customers to sit are wheelchairs and then the waitress's uniform is like the real doctor and nurse's uniform :P