Sunday, May 02, 2010

Vietnam doesnt have MCD?

Food. Many people claimed that singapore has a lot of good food. Maybe that's true but I haven't go for food hunting yet. I need to find my food hunting kaki (: Anyone willing to be one?

So one of the days, I had MCD @Shaw Plaza with Suri and Zaocee after class because Suri wanted to eat MCD ice-cream. After having ice-cream, we straight away went for dinner @ Balestier Market. See how to lose weight when i'm in singapore. Have been eating a lot lately. OMG!

vietnam memang tak ada MCD wei. Pathetic T.T

singapore style of hokkien mee *yum*

seafood noodles *thumb up*

Time for me to relax. Gonna think about some important stuff in life!

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