Saturday, May 15, 2010

What do you think about Ironman 2?

Wah, I'm blogging again. Fuyoooh, bet the blogging spirit is back! :D :D :D

I might be the one who always update backtrack posts but I don't think so I'm the one who is outdated when come to movies. Haha! I managed to watch Ironman 2 like recently. Somemore in Singapore weh! My 2nd time watching movie here. The 1st time was with my cousins and 2nd one was with the super vain pot.

Before movie, we had our dinner @ Pasta de Waraku.

my 1st time dining here as well :)

the super small bowl of weird taste salad @.@

my mango juice

his pasta

my dinner. hmm if im not mistaken it's chicken and mushroom something lol

japanese style of pizza

We watched :

i would rate it 6.5/10

with flash which made our my face white
hello, i'm a chinese version of wanna be snow white =.=

happy anot? NICE NICE ONE -___________-

it has been a while since i last camwhored :)
my bimbo is so cuteeeeeeeeeeee ~

My finals are like a month time. Time really flies huh! :(((

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