Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't you feel hungry?

Yays! Like finally, I'm done with my finals after struggling myself with books and notes for a week plus. Hopefully, my results will be good enough for me. I want to get good results. really. But i think it's time to put my studies aside and start enjoying life before starting my 2nd semester.

And, i'm so hungry but havent get anything for dinner yet. Will get it later after i'm done blogging. Btw, can i blog about some random food that I have eaten when i'm in singapore? Blogging about food make me not so hungry at the moment. Psychology proven by... me? LoL

portuguese egg tarts which cost SGD 1.30 per piece but damn nice can

beancurd + grass jelly
I have one now in the refrigerator for tomorrow lunch brunch

a normal looking yet weird taste green paste tau sar piah that my house owner gave me

singapore hokkien mee

bought some fresh grapes from FairPrice

seafood noodles at balestier market

the 3 dollars grilled fish at my school cafeteria

On the another happy note, I'm going back to Subang tomorrow. But my flight is at 1940! Oh well! Omg i'm so happy and excited! Cant wait to be back home with my family and friends. Not to mention, good food as well *yum yum* I so gonna get some weight in subang by eating like nobody business then come back singapore and lose them! HAHAHAHAHA

Next up, camwhore pictures :) *Clock ticking* It's time to go get my dinner *damn early right i know but im hungry :(* I gonna get fried kuey teow to satisfy my sudden crave.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

From my side

I shall update something now before going for my finals starting tomorrow. I wont be coming online for 1 week due to my finals. Online as in msn or skype and blog. I will still play facebook. So anything just drop me a msg in my facebook or my wall :) See you after my finals! woots!

Here is update on SYYC ( 8th Singapore Yo-Yo Championship 2010). These pictures were taken from my camera. There will be another post on this event but the pictures are taken from Jayson's camera because I like his camera quality although his camera has the same mega pixels as mine. Hahah! I feel I look nicer in his camera :) Besides that, we camwhored like nobody business using his camera!

the stage

they are some of the yoyo players

Aik Hwee & Marcus

this will be my next profile pic in fb can!

L:R : Dimi, Roy & Hans *am i right?*

They are the 5A, 1A, 4A & 2A division champions
L:R ; Iskandar Shah, Christopher Chia, Sean Hung & Alex Yao

the mr. DJ! He claimed he is an old man -.-

with cheng!

street festival is indeed an happening event

Countdown to final exams = TOMORROW! I know I always say this but i don't care SO wish me luck peeps!

Friday, June 18, 2010

I can draw okay NOT

While waiting my hair to get dry, I should use up this time reasonably because time is very precious for me. So here am I blogging about super random thing. Will blog about SYYC when i'm free. Note that I'll be having my finals next week. Hence the recent less updates.

Just a quick post because I'll be having my last marketing class at 1pm. Come to think of it, time really flies huh? Today will be my last day of 1st semester already.

That day in class where we have 2 hours of break before the next class, Xiao Yao & I were damn bored until we had this random drawing session whereas miyu and mandy were sleeping in class -.- We couldnt sleep so we decided to draw. Okay basically it was only me who was drawing. Not him! He was conteng-ing plus disturbing lol

ya ya i know he is not that fat!

big bully = *ahem ahem* who else

beixy like daisy *inside joke*

indeed that is his phone wallpaper

I know I don't have the talent in drawing but I like to simply draw can!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When friends are around,

It's awesome!

A friend of mine ; Alvin was in Singapore with his parents like 3 weeks back. Luckily, I was able to meet up with him. It's so funny that i'm able to meet up with him when i'm in singapore but not in subang lol.

Omg, I malas wanna taip already because i've been spending all my energy on my studies. So just let the pictures do the talking.

Oh oh oh my finals are like 5 days time!

the view from the hotel room

is anyone having acrophobia?

so many cabs around because of the casino

the haven't fully open mall

what on earth was marcus trying to do? *smack head*


with sarah, the pretty one

alvin, the camwhorer + poser

sarah poking alvin's eye

CMI! ;p

me likey this picture!

group picture :D

on the link bridge

marina bay sands link bridge which is known as the Helix Bridge

the merlion, fav tourist spot

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

we pampered ourselves

and also camwhored!

the super skinny and tall marcus

the gay(s) guys

Last but not least, i'm glad but not so :/