Friday, June 11, 2010

EASB Celebration

Not long ago, my school held a celebration for achieving the EduTrust Certification. Therefore, a party was held in the school compound. Every student are invited. There were free food, performance and not forgetting lame games lol

Based on our head of school aka not the principal, he said that our school was the among 6 schools who achieved the 1st batch of this eduTrust certification out of 200 private schools. Bet he was damn proud of our school. Hahaha

Not much pictures were taken because I was having class until 6pm plus. Therefore, I have so many books to carry. Lazy wanna snap pictures.

ya ya very proud

with YiFan

ZaoCee! everyone thought her name was spelled like Chelsea! HAHA

my school principle ; Mr Andrew Chua

a candid picture of Peter!

they are my classmates

magic show if i'm not mistaken

Time to study! Byeeeeeee ~ No wait! Time to chill. Will study later on! Jia you, victoria pang!

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