Sunday, June 20, 2010

From my side

I shall update something now before going for my finals starting tomorrow. I wont be coming online for 1 week due to my finals. Online as in msn or skype and blog. I will still play facebook. So anything just drop me a msg in my facebook or my wall :) See you after my finals! woots!

Here is update on SYYC ( 8th Singapore Yo-Yo Championship 2010). These pictures were taken from my camera. There will be another post on this event but the pictures are taken from Jayson's camera because I like his camera quality although his camera has the same mega pixels as mine. Hahah! I feel I look nicer in his camera :) Besides that, we camwhored like nobody business using his camera!

the stage

they are some of the yoyo players

Aik Hwee & Marcus

this will be my next profile pic in fb can!

L:R : Dimi, Roy & Hans *am i right?*

They are the 5A, 1A, 4A & 2A division champions
L:R ; Iskandar Shah, Christopher Chia, Sean Hung & Alex Yao

the mr. DJ! He claimed he is an old man -.-

with cheng!

street festival is indeed an happening event

Countdown to final exams = TOMORROW! I know I always say this but i don't care SO wish me luck peeps!


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good luck :)

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