Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He doesnt want to appear in my blog

Saw the title? Hence, no pictures of him. Ehhh nothing suspen about it. Just friend. Please! Tak ada my pictures also because nobody wants to camwhore with me T__T Hahah! By the way, I went to watch The Karate Kid yesterday with the *cough* *cough* rockstar *cough* *cough*

rate : i don't know how to rate it. you decide

Besides that, we had a short catch up session like last last week? Couldn't remember the exact date. Anyways it doesn't matter because it's not an important outing lol

a quite different taste of mushroom soup

ice-cream makes me happy & hyper ;)

I'm getting very lazy to blog nowadays because of my finals & it's annoying when twitter is having problems *shake head*

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