Friday, June 18, 2010

I can draw okay NOT

While waiting my hair to get dry, I should use up this time reasonably because time is very precious for me. So here am I blogging about super random thing. Will blog about SYYC when i'm free. Note that I'll be having my finals next week. Hence the recent less updates.

Just a quick post because I'll be having my last marketing class at 1pm. Come to think of it, time really flies huh? Today will be my last day of 1st semester already.

That day in class where we have 2 hours of break before the next class, Xiao Yao & I were damn bored until we had this random drawing session whereas miyu and mandy were sleeping in class -.- We couldnt sleep so we decided to draw. Okay basically it was only me who was drawing. Not him! He was conteng-ing plus disturbing lol

ya ya i know he is not that fat!

big bully = *ahem ahem* who else

beixy like daisy *inside joke*

indeed that is his phone wallpaper

I know I don't have the talent in drawing but I like to simply draw can!

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