Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Study Trip

Just done showering. Let me blog something before heading to bed. Ehhh no, i think i gonna stay up tonight to finish up some of my stupid assignments. See how it goes.

Last saturday, I was out today from 2pm until 9pm. Was out with my classmates/schoolmates because we had this accounting study trip at Suntec Exhibition. The event was Asian Investment Conference and Exhibition 2010.

Does your school/college/university organize study trip for you all as well? Honestly, I was thinking why on earth do we need accounting study trip! -.- Marketing and management study trips are still acceptable but for accounting?? hmmmm

Anyways, during this study trip, finally I managed to snap some pictures with my them. They are the new faces to appear in my blog. I think you gonna see their faces more often from onwards *hopefully*

miyu said that our accounting lecturer looks like her grandfather! haha

eddie & steven *they are not my classmates but schoolmates*

5 of them are staying together that's why they are so close.

our 1st group picture :))))
L:R ; Xiao Yao, yours truly, Miyu, Eddie, Steven & Mandy

*thanks to steven for holding my booklets/brochures*

After done with our study trip, we went for shopping at Raffles City Shopping Centre. Raffles City doesn't have much things to shop there so the girls left earlier whereas I tagged along with the guys.

We went to Marina Square after done window shopping in raffles.

he claimed that he is camera shy. YA RIGHT! as if i will believe him :P

my marketing lecturer thought he is my bf. haha so funny!

eddie! another big bully xD

candid picture of steven

he doesn't want to choi me because he needs to sleep @.@

Oh I need to get some supper as well. Can't sleep with empty stomach. EVENTUALLY I WILL DIE!

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