Wednesday, June 16, 2010

When friends are around,

It's awesome!

A friend of mine ; Alvin was in Singapore with his parents like 3 weeks back. Luckily, I was able to meet up with him. It's so funny that i'm able to meet up with him when i'm in singapore but not in subang lol.

Omg, I malas wanna taip already because i've been spending all my energy on my studies. So just let the pictures do the talking.

Oh oh oh my finals are like 5 days time!

the view from the hotel room

is anyone having acrophobia?

so many cabs around because of the casino

the haven't fully open mall

what on earth was marcus trying to do? *smack head*


with sarah, the pretty one

alvin, the camwhorer + poser

sarah poking alvin's eye

CMI! ;p

me likey this picture!

group picture :D

on the link bridge

marina bay sands link bridge which is known as the Helix Bridge

the merlion, fav tourist spot

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

we pampered ourselves

and also camwhored!

the super skinny and tall marcus

the gay(s) guys

Last but not least, i'm glad but not so :/

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