Saturday, July 31, 2010

A day before the wedding


So happy because my family came down to Singapore 2 weeks back to attend my cousin sis's wedding on the 17 July 2010 that was held in Mandarin Orchard Hotel. Parents booked a connecting room at Royal Hotel located in Newton, nearby Novena Square. I stayed with them for 2 nights. Woots!

floor no. 11

camwhoring with the siblings. Awww i miss doing this :(

self camwhore :P

sister was helping me to put pink nail polish because i was tired that night. so sweet!

Met up with daddy at Novena Square for dinner. Family dinner. yays! I always love having family dinner. Bonding bonding.

ikan bakar if im not wrong

wantan noodles

indonesian mixed rice?

the so not healthy char siew rice

Time to get my ass back to my assignments. Have to finish some of them before going out later.

Friday, July 30, 2010

When lil bee met up with furby

They had a lot of fun spending time together! Lil bee came to sg about 3 weeks ago? She came here basically is to visit as she claimed. Haha! So nice of her :) She and her friend, Ashlie were here for 3 days 2 nights. I only spent 1 whole day and 2 night with them. I didn't send them off on Sunday. Sorry lil bee!

Instead of me bring them to interesting places, Chris (Ashlie's bf) who is currently working in singapore brought us for good dinner. I met them in their hotel after my class ended straight at 7pm. So dinner was around 8pm. Tapas for dinner.

couldn't make decision what to eat as we were the noob there. 1st timer whatttt!

group picture : Chris, Ashlie, Cher Wei & yours truly

Thanks lil bee for coming here and visit me *cough cough* :P

The awesome food that night

Clarke Quay on a friday is a must. Happening spot with a lot of ang moh(s)! woots

@The Tapas Tree, Clarke Quay

with the babe(s)

The next day, I accompanied them for shopping since the GSS was still on. Wah orchard was damn crowded like always -.-

she was so happy because she is a shopaholic

This explain how much I dislike the crowded orchard *smirks* lol

Late lunch @Ion Orchard Food Hall

@Strand Hotel, their hotel before heading to Night Safari

hello night safari :)

and the adventure begun...

On the tram ride. It was so cooling ~

Happy enough

Watched the Creatures of the Night Show

Sorry no pictures of animals because it was during the night. Moreover, some area camera flash is not allowed.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Swollen finger

Remember my tweet on 2 new injuries from captain ball practice? I got injured during our last practice for captain ball. How unlucky me to get injuries 2 days before the final match :( I injured my finger and my knee. And it hurts okay but it's alright as i'm one tough lady lol.

of all fingers, i injured my right middle finger which disallowed me to do some writing :(

it turned into red on the 2nd day

it's like a birth mark right! UGLY

However, this injury is worth it as we won the final yesterday with the score of 29-16. Therefore, we're the champion. I'm proud of my green team girls. Everyone did a great job ♥

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Count my meatballs please

Dear all, I'm still down with gastroenteritis also known as gastric flu since monday evening until now ): I heard gastric flu can last up to 3 weeks. Please don't last that long on me. Due to gastric flu, I've missed out 2 captain ball matches which I felt totally bad about it and unfair to my teammates. Sorry guys girls! I'll try my very best to get recover soon and at least play my part in the last 2 matches.

Moreover, I'll be having 2 CA test today. I doubt that I gonna do well in them because I'm on medication. Feel like sleeping after taking my medicines, Veragel, Maxolon and Dhaperazine 5mg

On the other note, who will go through all the hassle from subang jaya to IKEA just to have the meatballs for dinner? Jenny, Taryna and I were the ones when I was back in subang like few weeks ago. We went all the way to IKEA just for the meatballs and the daim cake for dinner. This is what we called as culinary travel. SJ to PJ is also counted as travelling okay lol.

i dont really fancy meatballs but i still eat them

the daim cake. ehhh does singapore IKEA serve this cake? I want to eat!

us with our meatballs while waiting for taryna's arrival.

i know she loves me although she's married to carmen LOL


with jenny kuma the kuma chan :)

pure candid but i like! thanks dude!

taryna khoo! sorry about the pictures. will upload them in fb later!

chicken pox South Africa 21010 statue

Sorry about the outdated outing updates. What to do? I'm sick yet busy at the same times :( Need to go get prepare for school. Till then, please pray hard for me to get recover soon!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


"Sometimes things in life are really unpredictable.
No matter what, you'll have to face it"

Honestly, I don't feel like blogging although I don't really have things to do for now. However, since I'm in front of my lappy, why not as well blog about something kan?

I used to categorize people with the IANS behind. Just like my title above. Metropoitan-ians are the people and my friends from metropolitan college. I was in that college back in the year 2008 pursuing my foundation in business.

I met up with Yuki for movie at pyramid one of the day when i was back. I know I always post outdated post but hey, I'm really really busy with everything. Like I give a damn about it. heyyy heyy this is my blog okay, I've the right whenever to blog what. Grrrr!

We watched :

Then we met up with Joe for dinner @ Sushi Zanmai. Everyone seems to prefer Zanmai than Zen. Hey John, see here is another post about zanmai. Don't ask me about Zen again ;D

we're very close to each other but we're pretty far away *as in the distance* too lol

awwww yuki is so cuteeeee *pinch her cheeks*

with joelee

I'm so tired until cant think of anything. I need the rest and the long hours of sleep. Unfortunately, I've to wake up early tomorrow :(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I want to be at the place where I belong

I'm sacrificing my sleeping time to update something here. SO YOU BETTER READ THIS. JOKING ONLY! hey of course i would prefer sleeping but i don't feel good to abandon my bloggie for days.

Anyways, everything is alright here but this week and next week are the hectic weeks for me because of my cousin sister's wedding and sports day games. Have to do so many preparation. I need more time please? Besides that, I'm lacking of sleep and rest lately. Couldn't sleep well recently and I have no idea why as well. Please let me sleep peacefully tonight. I need the sleep.

During the week I was back in Subang, I went back to my historical hometown Melaka. Lucky me that during that period, it was durian and mangosteen season, therefore, I have had the chance to enjoy them. OMG! I miss durian now *imagine myself enjoying durian now* Not only durian, I also have the chance to enjoy my grandma's home cook food and hokkien rice dumplings. How can i resist myself from the good food? My grandma's cooking is awesome although it's just a simple dish.


omg i love durians! pity to those who do not eat durian. such a waste.

i managed to pluck some rambutans. so kampung-ish

you're able to find natural cocoa in my grandma's estate

the greatest mom and grandma ever ;)

a swing under a mango tree for us to play with

mom likes to play swing too

free sun tanning also they want! T.T damn hot can


plucking mangoes is not an easy task okay

camwhored with a periuk beside

me sitting on a 30 years old antique chair *thank god it didnt break*

this is the 2nd best rice dumplings ever!

a mixture of flour, fried onions and spring onions.
although it's just a simple food but it's damn mouth watering. no joke

goodbye melaka! I'll be back for sure like duh

Yays! My family is coming down in few days time! *jumping with joy*