Thursday, July 22, 2010

Count my meatballs please

Dear all, I'm still down with gastroenteritis also known as gastric flu since monday evening until now ): I heard gastric flu can last up to 3 weeks. Please don't last that long on me. Due to gastric flu, I've missed out 2 captain ball matches which I felt totally bad about it and unfair to my teammates. Sorry guys girls! I'll try my very best to get recover soon and at least play my part in the last 2 matches.

Moreover, I'll be having 2 CA test today. I doubt that I gonna do well in them because I'm on medication. Feel like sleeping after taking my medicines, Veragel, Maxolon and Dhaperazine 5mg

On the other note, who will go through all the hassle from subang jaya to IKEA just to have the meatballs for dinner? Jenny, Taryna and I were the ones when I was back in subang like few weeks ago. We went all the way to IKEA just for the meatballs and the daim cake for dinner. This is what we called as culinary travel. SJ to PJ is also counted as travelling okay lol.

i dont really fancy meatballs but i still eat them

the daim cake. ehhh does singapore IKEA serve this cake? I want to eat!

us with our meatballs while waiting for taryna's arrival.

i know she loves me although she's married to carmen LOL


with jenny kuma the kuma chan :)

pure candid but i like! thanks dude!

taryna khoo! sorry about the pictures. will upload them in fb later!

chicken pox South Africa 21010 statue

Sorry about the outdated outing updates. What to do? I'm sick yet busy at the same times :( Need to go get prepare for school. Till then, please pray hard for me to get recover soon!

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